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~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~

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“Plenty of fish in the sea”

i never thought i’d identify with a shark.


The Amazing Art of Alexis Diaz

As for his style, he tends to create engravings that are most of the time a hundred times bigger than usual, except maybe when it comes to cetaceans and other pachyderms.Alexis Diaz has a preference for wild animals in general, more specifically those living in the savannah. He blends them in a fantastical image with creatures from the depths of the oceans, replaces paws with tentacles and wings with hands.

These compositions usually create a machine of flesh, as he replaces a balloon with a heart and a basket with a fish.What Alexis Diaz offers through “The Pandilla” is a refined and meticulous aesthetic that is presented in a completely exuberant world. This art really stands out from the rest, both through its style and its inspiration, it is a neo-romantic type of street art, with steam-punk trends.



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Nicholas Poillot